News and Information for Summer 2016

Next General meeting will be at 6:00pm on 22 September

Mark your calendar for our first-ever “Town Hall Meeting” where every member – Legion, Auxiliary or SAL is invited to ask anything they want to to the leaders of your organizations. We will meet at 6PM on September 21st. Light refreshments will be served.

2017 membership cards are in the office. Beat the rush! Stop in now to renew your membership. Cash, check or credit cards accepted.


Aug 26, 2016 : Post Commander

You may have noticed the “Donate Button” at the top of this page. This feature allows anyone who is interested to easily make a tax-free donation to the Post safely,  using a credit card or a PayPal account, if you have one.

All the newsletter “authors” are constantly in the process of adding updated information to their page, so click on the News links on the left column to see their new input. Check as often as possible for new info. Note that each page will have new input on the top, but, if you scroll down the pages, their earlier input will still  be available in case you missed it!

The Queen of Hearts raffle continues to be  a BIG draw on Tuesday.. We are very close to having $19,000 in that game with 70% going to a lucky winner who is present. Continued thanks to Wayne and Susie for keeping that going and entertaining us as well.

Stay cool and remember that it IS cool at the Post!

Rodger Wells


Post 44’s Financial Status

The financial situation at Post 44 is in a growth mode. The expenses have been kept under control and our revenues to the Club have been steady. At our September meeting, our Finance Officer, John Orendorff, will be presenting a good picture for all of us to see. Much of our success is because of the efforts of Tommy Paul, Junior Vice Commander. Also, the steady flow of 2017 dues payments has contributed to our stability. Remember to get your dues paid as soon as you can.

To build an Endowment Fund, we are developing an agreement with a national charitable foundation to address major gifts that may be given to Post 44. This program will involve gifts of appreciated assets: real estate, stocks, businesses, artwork, etc. that will face major capital gain taxes when sold conventionally. When donated and sold through the foundation, all capital gains taxes and sales commissions can be avoided and donors can receive significant benefits while helping the Post. Also, large tax deductions and lifetime annuities can be provided which can well exceed whatever income the assets now provide.

We will hold informational meetings in early November for anyone who might benefit from such an opportunity. Information will be provided later in the year, or stop by or call the office if you have questions.

Recurring Events….

  • Live music Saturdays, click here for schedule
  • Sunday Brunch served from 10 am to 1 pm each Sunday.
  • Bingo on Mondays beginning at 3 pm
  • Tuesday Queen of Hearts drawing at 6:30
  • Karaoke Tuesdays from 6 – 9 pm with pause for Queen of Hearts drawing.
  • Bar Bingo every Thursday from 6:30PM to 8:30PM.
  • Friday Night Fish Fry starts at 5:00PM.